Make your own mouthguards – easy and quick

Now that as of June 1 we are only allowed on public transportation with mouth caps, I decided to get behind the sewing machine and make mouth caps anyway. Nothing fancy, just straightforward. Easy and quick to make.

By public transportation

When my husband would no longer work from home, he will take the train to work every day. Now of course we don’t know at all when this will be. I don’t travel much by public transport myself, but I decided to make some mouthguards just in case.

You can find different patterns online

On twitter, someone I follow who lives in Germany sent me a picture with a mug shot that you can make in 3 minutes. I had already seen different patterns, but I am not a sewing machine star, so I thought I should not make it too difficult for myself. So when I saw the picture on twitter, I thought this would be a pattern for me.

I just decided to give it a try. Got the sewing machine out of the attic, looked for cotton and just started. Now at first my sewing machine did not work properly ( my fault) so the first mask I made with needle and thread, this also went fine, you’re just a lot longer busy.

Make your own mouthguards

How to quickly and easily make a mouth mask like this? First find a piece of cotton, I chose an old pillowcase and measure the measurements. We all do not have such wide faces, so I calculated for my husband 20×17 cm, for myself 19×15 cm. and the boys 18×12 cm.