YourSurprise: Surprising, personal gifts for Christmas

St. Nicholas is over again. Last night we celebrated gift night and traditionally here in the house today the radio goes on Sky. Christmas music all day long.

I love it. I just love traditions and Christmas. My Christmas tree is so full of memories that I even made the AD last year. These memories I will continue for a while.

For example with the personalized gifts’s for in the tree from YourSurprise.

From home

When I look at my sense of tradition, I think I definitely got this from home. I come from a small family and Christmas used to be at home, with my parents, with the four of us.We did the same games every year, watched Christmas movies on TV and always enjoyed it to the fullest! Even now I try to keep the traditions of the past, such as Christmas breakfast, in my own family.

And we make our own memories and traditions every year. What was also at home was a full busy colored Christmas tree. This one hung and still hangs every year full of homemade baubles, reminders and variegated colors.


It started eleven years ago when we bought our new house in December . My sister sent a Christmas ornament, with a house, key and the year. The next year our oldest was born a week before Christmas and she gave us a Christmas ornament in which a picture of him could be placed, with the year as well. We also got this two years later for his little brother.

These hangers the boys hang back on the Christmas tree every year.

Last year I was in the AD with my Christmas memories

Homemade Christmas baubles

Meanwhile, the boys’ homemade baubles now hang in the Christmas tree. Balls she made at preschool. Crafts that get put up every year.

Christmas baubles with a photo

This year I decided to make a new bauble again. One for us and for my parents.. I found the baubles I was looking for at Your Suprise and already made these half November.

I received them within a few days. I wrapped one for my parents. It came in the Santa Claus bag. I made a bauble with a photo of our vacation together in Finale this fall.

The finish of the bauble is very nice, it is light in weight so can be fine in the Christmas tree.

I am very happy with my baubles. Perhaps one thing I regret is that I could only use one photo and buy two or four copies of this. I would have liked for my parents to put all four grandchildren separately in a photo but that was not possible and so it became a photo of the boys.


The YourSurprise website is full of gifts’s that you can personalize. Think mugs, bags, breadboards or phone hats. So many nice things, I haven’t finished shopping here yet.


The most beautiful Christmas presents with your own photo’s and text can be found at YourSurprise!