How to make your garden maintenance free

Some people love gardening and have really green fingers. They are busy all year round with their trees, plants, flowers and the vegetable garden. In every season they have something to do and they are very busy with it.

But gardening is not for everyone.

Maybe you look at your garden and have no idea what to do with it. You have no gardening skills whatsoever and don’t want to think about digging in the ground. So how do you make sure you have a neat and easy to maintain garden?

Read along for helpful tips!

Never mow the lawn again

Let’s face it: mowing the lawn is nobody’s hobby. Then your solution is to cover a large area of your garden with artificial grass. It’s not only maintenance-free, but also always looks neat. A green garden all year round.

It is also a fine surface for the children’s toys. A slide, the trampoline and the seesaw. You can also put the swing and playhouse on it nicely. Never muddy feet for your little ones!

Don’t forget that you need an edging for a solid surface for the grass. No ugly edges and no subsidence!

Tiled garden

If you do not like flower beds, but still want a neat garden, you can also choose tiles in your garden. Once or twice a year with the high pressure and you have a clean and tidy garden. Ideal for the children to play with sidewalk chalk, skipping ropes and racing with cars’s and bicycles.

Put up your garden furniture and enjoy the beautiful weather that awaits us again!

Plants and trees

If you still want to have some greenery in your garden, plants or trees or a hedge, you can choose from enough species that do not require so much care. Examples include:

  • Sun hat
  • Lady’s mantle
  • Needle fern
  • Lilygrass
  • Cobbler’s plant
  • Taxus
  • Olive willow
  • Hibiscus
  • Geranium varieties

So you see: a green and beautiful, tidy garden is possible even for dummies!


Besides plants, grass, tiles and trees, there are also fences that are maintenance-free or low-maintenance and stay beautiful. Then your garden is neatly separated from the neighbors’ garden from front to back and on both sides. And don’t worry about the kids slipping out of the garden.