Making my own Christmas cards

Christmas cards, I have never made them myself and was not planning to this year either. Until I walked into Action and saw all sorts of things to make my own cards. Then I was unstoppable.

Sending Christmas cards

I love Christmas and everything around it. The Christmas tree was put up yesterday and the Christmas music is already sounding through the house again The Christmas cards have been sent out, although every year there are fewer of them. This is really just because I get less of it back every year and the high prices for stamps don’t do much good either, I must say.

Making my own Christmas cards

I still love writing and sending them though. Normally I buy these Christmas cards. It never really occurred to me to make them myself.

Now I have to say that I am learning as I go and going into the Christmas season less stressful this time and because of this I might just have ( or make) time for making Christmas cards as well.

Where to buy everything

I wasn’t planning on buying anything until I walked into Action and found the craft supplies here. Where I used to be able to walk into this store without buying anything, I can’t do this anymore. This is really since I started my Bullet Journal. At Action (but also at other stores) I find so many nice things for my (Bullet) Journal like stickers, washi tape and pens. Every time I buy something.

And so now for my Christmas cards. I was standing in the store and it suddenly occurred to me that I could make my own cards this year. I got the stuff together and got to work at home.

What you need

I bought for these Christmas cards:

  • white cards and envelopes
  • Cardboard with Christmas items on it
  • washi tape.

I use all the cards and envelopes this time. The cardboard though is so much I can make Christmas cards with that for years to come and can also use it in my Bullet Journal. Or now with the CreaChick DecemberChallenge that I am currently participating in. I also use minimal of the washi tape.

However, these scrolls were so much fun that they will all be used in my journals in the near future.

How to make these cards

And then I was going to make the Christmas cards. You can make it as easy or difficult as you want and no I’m not that creative so my Christmas cards are just simple, a little cut and paste. I just love doing it and hope the recipients will see it that way too.

I decided to use different cardboard on the cards and decorate them with washi tape. Fun to do and also fun to craft with the kids.

You can find more tips for making Christmas cards, poinsettia crochet or Christmas baubles on my Pineterst Board Holidays