Become a toadstool expert?

Do you know which mushrooms grow in the Netherlands?? Can you distinguish the fly agaric from the ink agaric? Or do you really have no idea but like to look for mushrooms? Then this is a nice message for you.

The IVN organizes various activities around mushrooms. Become a mushroom expert?

IVN (Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability) is a national foundation that involves people in nature. They organize activities related to nature at various locations. So you can participate in hikes, courses, excursions and lots of fun nature experiences.

IVN lets young and old experience how much fun it is to discover nature.

Toad expert

With autumn coming you can find a lot of mushrooms, fungi and moulds in nature. With the IVN you can go exploring in your neighborhood. Be the first to find a fly agaric? Or do you just somewhere a beautiful “elf bench” encounter?

On the special mushroom page of the IVN you can request a cool search card for free. This is a card with pictures and names of many different mushrooms. So you can immediately see what that beautiful mushroom is called.

Do you find them all?
If you prefer to go looking with a real expert check out the IVN website. There you can find all the activities in your neighborhood.

Together with the little man I have already been out and about. We went for a walk in the woods looking for mushrooms. We found different fungi and even some very large mushrooms. We also took a look to see if there might be a gnome living in it after all. But alas, we did not meet them.

As soon as we have the search card, we will go exploring again. Who knows, maybe our little man will become a real mushroom expert!

Have you discovered mushrooms yet? I wonder who will find the rare but classic fly agaric. You know, those red and white dots.

toadstool expert

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