Winter coats and boots – So you stay warm and dry this winter

Winter coats And boots, it's time again. But which coat is warm enough in winter and is it waterproof or do you choose another one for when it rains?? How to stay warm and dry and still go out fashionably?

I put it all together for you.

Winter coats

Buying a winter coat is very difficult, because you wear a coat every day and in Holland you wear a winter coat for a long time. A winter coat should be warm, but also trendy. You'll want to wear it with all your clothes, so the color is also important. But you also have to look at the model, because if you are on a bike a short jacket is often easier. Quite a lot to think about before you can buy a new winter coat.

Are you looking for a unique coat? Look for vintage coats. At the Vintage collection you will find the most beautiful coats, biker jackets and other jackets. Coats with new life and often designer clothes.

Coats to be seen in!

Jutka & Riska Winter coats and boots- This is how to stay warm and dry this winterSET – The Collectives Alexander McQueen –Jutka & Riska

Modern female raincoats

If it's raining outside, it's a waste to put on your good (vintage) winter coat. Now the raincoats used to be a bit dull – and my kids still give me a hard time when they have to put on a rain suit- nowadays you look totally trendy in a raincoat. The collection of raincoat ladies is very extensive and trendy. No more of those silly colors or weird styles.

No way, these raincoats are fun to wear even when it's not raining. They come in beautiful colors. And even though winter days are short and wet, you'll still be dry and stylish.

America Today Winter coats and boots- This is how to stay warm and dry this winterCanada Goose Winter coats and boots- This is how to stay warm and dry this winterMaium

These boots are made for walking

Warm winter coats is one, but in the process you also want warm and dry feet. Especially when it's cold and wet outside. How nice it is to take a brisk walk in winter?

With the right footwear on, this won't be a problem. Because if your feet are warm and dry, you'll keep moving even in winter. Nice, warm boots are therefore a must-have for the winter. And one advantage, boots and booties are also endlessly compatible.

This is how I wear my cheerful bohemian dresses with cool boots all year long. But the same boots can be worn under a chic black dress or with jeans.

Winter coats and boots - keeping you warm and dry this winterShabbies Amsterdam Winter coats and boots - keeping you warm and dry this winterNUBIKK Jonak

Take care of yourself

It is very nice that we may and can again. But this will probably get you out and about more often. Going outside more often and in winter that may not always be fun because of the cold and wet weather. We've been inside for so long that it's not at all crazy to look for new winter coats, boots or a raincoat.

Finally we can be seen again!