How to get through December month without stress

December, the month of fun, lots of food and also some stress. With Saint Nicholas, Christmas, old & New and three birthdays in the family, December is always busy. But this time I take a different approach and make sure this December month is stress-free.

Sinterklaas stress

The boys both have to make a surperise, for school. As soon as they received the lots, they started working on this. They figured out what they wanted to make, got inspiration from my Pinterest board ‘surprises’ and went to the store to buy the gifts and craft supplies.

The plan is now made and next weekend they finish the surprises. I was also on time with buying gifts this year, which I really like. No stress before December 5, by pure good planning.

Birthday and Christmas dinner

Then we have three birthdays in the December month. Two of family and the birthday of our eldest son. On the day the son celebrates his twelfth birthday, Christmas dinner is also at school.

This means I have to make treats, a cake and twice something to eat for Christmas dinner. Just thinking about it makes my head spin. In order not to stress myself I will make sure I have all the ingredients in time by then.

Then I’m good with that.

The December month is fun month

Because I find December a wonderful month, I want to enjoy it as much as possible. I can do that, but I know myself, then I have to prepare something. What I have all done or am working on right now to start the month off peacefully and maybe this will help you too: