Be kind to yourself – Care products for you

Autumn has started again, we can tell. Rain and dark clouds make you extra in need of fine products that are kind to your skin and hair right now. Be kind to yourself and choose fine, pure and safe products. Which products help you through the dark days?

I have listed them.

The autumn period and your care

Fall and winter can be bad for your skin, think of the stove going back on, but also the cold and wind. You can feel this on your cheeks and lips. That is why it is good to take extra good care of yourself during this period. Be kind to yourself and pamper your skin extra.

How? I list some fine products.

Sleeping on a Beauty Pillow

We spend a third of our lives sleeping. With the hustle and bustle of the day and increased stress, we realize more and more that a good night's sleep is of great importance in order to cope with the hectic pace of a new day. That is why it is so important that you make your hours and sleep well on a Beauty Pillow.

Because sleeping on Beauty Pillow's soft satin gives a feeling of luxury and indulgence. At the same time it has a nourishing effect on your skin and hair. It regulates sebum production and preserves moisture for skin and hair. I also like this pillowcase because it's satin and fresh.

This is nice in summer, but also now that it is colder, this sleeps very pleasantly.

IK Skin Perfection DE-ITCHY

Be kind to yourself are words that fit the Ik Skin Perfection brand. This medically tested, rich oil is especially suitable for sensitive and/or dry (head) skin. The DE-ITCHY is easily absorbed by the skin and contains many antioxidants and vitamins. The oil soothes, calms, repairs and renews skin damaged by intense medication use, chemicals, environmental and weather conditions.

I Skin Perfection you may also know of the Silk Organic Recovery Box, a gift box that is safe for women and men undergoing chemotherapy, radiation or taking medication that has damaged the skin.

Beauty Pillow I skin perfectionSkin Perfection DE-ITCHY

Salt Of The Earth

Salt of the Earth makes environmentally friendly, natural skin care products and is number 1 in natural deodorants. The brand has developed several cheerful ranges of deodorants that give you long-lasting protection, leave no white marks and are made from 100% natural ingredients. Be kind to yourself and nature.

Salt of The Earth is vegetarian and vegan approved and not tested on animals. In addition to the deodorants, the brand has also released a range of 100% natural foaming hand wash. For long lasting protection

Product prices: Salt of the Earth Pure Aura Lavender & Vanilla Roll €6.99, the Salt of the Earth Lavender & Vanilla Deodorant Balm €9.90 and the Salt of the Earth Peony Blossom Hand Soap €8.99

deodorant Salt of the earth

BaByliss Hydro Fusion Air styler

As long as your hair looks good, which is something that can be quite a challenge in autumn. In the context ‘be kind to yourself’ BaByliss cannot be missing. The BaByliss Hydro Fusion Air Styler is a rotary hair dryer brush that allows you to create a smooth straight blow dry.

Advanced plasma technology uses a dual ion system that restores moisture balance. The combination of positive and negative ions hydrates the hair and makes it frizz-free. Your hair feels silky and cared for and gets a luxurious shine.

BABOR Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule

The products from BABOR all look wonderful. The innovative composition of 8 different types of hyaluronic acid convinces with maximum hydration and plumping after just one use. The additional tripeptides stimulate the skin's own hyaluronic acid synthesis for an immediate and long-lasting moisture boost.

Ideal for the weather conditions we face in autumn new inter.

This seven-day cure contains 7 ampoules. Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule 7 x 2ml (14ml) €39,-

The advent calendar from BABOR

To really spoil yourself now, BABOR has the ‘BABOR Ampoule Concentrates Advent Calendar 2021’. This advent calendar enchants with its magical design and invites you on a 24-day journey of discovery. Each window of denin festive black, white and precious gold calendar gracefully tells a story from BABOR's history.

Perfectly matched ampoules of active ingredients are hidden behind 24 doors.
Each of these ampoules ensures radiantly beautiful, youthful skin by Christmas.

For an individual touch, the advent calendar can be personalized with a desired name. With that, this advent calendar definitely makes a super gift for Christmas.

Be kind to yourself- Care products for you

Recommended price without personalization €74.90

Suggested retail price with personalization € 79.90

Be kind to yourself

How often do we miss ourselves. How many times do we say, we need to take more me-time, think about ourselves more. Be kind to yourself and make sure that you continue to take good care of yourself, now in the autumn and winter, but also during the busy holiday season that is coming up again.