Sailing along the Croatian coast – a summer adventure

Dare you already make plans for summer vacation? And do you have any idea where you want to go. You will come across many vacation destinations in the near future. With today sailing along the Croatian coast With The Sail Trip 2022. Curious?

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Sailing along the Croatian coast with the wind as your guide

Always wanted to sail along the Koroatic coast then The Sail Trip 2022 might be for you! The Sail Trip 2022 stands for free and carefree travel with the sun in your face, hair blowing around your head and a tanned skin. Croatia is one of today’s hottest destinations.

With the endless nature of the Croatian coast, beautiful beaches and dinners in the most beautiful authentic villages explain why The Sail Trip is already seen as the perfect vacation of 2022.

Once in a lifetime adventure

The destination of The Sail Trip is Dalmatia, the southernmost region of Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. Discover this wonderful world with beautiful islands, pearly white beaches and crystal clear water. In Trogir harbor in July and August there are several sailing yachts ready – for 4 to 10 people – for this once in a lifetime adventure.

You and your team sail it from island to island, anchor in the most beautiful bays and discover new and unique places every day.

Where the wind takes you

There are six departure dates, the trip lasts seven days and the exact route is determined at the last minute based on the wind forecast: after all, those who sail have to listen to nature. In the Dalmatian archipelago you will find beautiful towns and cities with friendly people, pleasant terraces and the tastiest eateries. Like the quiet and calm Stari Grad, the oldest town in Croatia.

But also busier places like Split and Hvar – the Saint-Tropez of Croatia – are on the sailing routes.

Besides your own itinerary, the sailtrip also allows you to experience different parties, both on board the yacht, and at anchor in a bay or in one of the (beach) clubs in Croatia!

Wondering what there is to do in Croatia? Here you can find travel guides with all the information

Sail yourself or set out with a skipper on board

Travelers can book as a group from 2 persons and up. Experienced sailors in possession of Small Sailing License 2 can sail the boat themselves, but otherwise an expert skipper will guide the yacht along the Croatian coast. And if you have no experience with sailing, no problem. 95% of the participants are not experienced sailors. Every day you can participate in short sailing training sessions.

Here you learn all about wind directions, steering a sailboat or hoisting sails.

With a sailing yacht and experienced skipper along the coast of Croatia

About The Sail Trip and Travelbase

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It’s time to plan your vacation

The summer vacations, it still seems far away, but do you want to go away at home or abroad then it is wise to start planning slowly anyway. Sailing along the Croatian coast an example of a sporty vacation full of activities like snorkeling, wine tasting, diving and visiting villages. Enthusiastic?

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