This is how to add color to a bathroom- tips

Is your bathroom white with maybe wood tones here or there? And would you like some more color in your bathroom, but don’t know where to start? Then here I give you the ultimate tips for more add color to a bathroom.

Looking for inspiration for a bathroom

Adding color to a bathroom. That might not be a bad idea at all. After all, bathrooms are often so dull, colorless and sterile, while you can find plenty of inspiration online when it comes to bathrooms and colors.

Sticking in boring, why not give color to a bathroom?

Why add color to a bathroom

Color in the bathroom simply gives more coziness and a homely atmosphere. Now you may be thinking why would I want this? After all, all I do in the bathroom is shower, wash and brush my teeth.

But if you make your bathroom more cozy, you will find that showering or taking a bath is so much more relaxing.

But where to add color?

Something you can change and give color to your bathroom very easily are colorful tiles. By choosing new tiles, you immediately give your bathroom a whole new look. Tiles really set the mood. Tiles can also make the room look bigger.

Colors you see a lot these days are pink, black, anthracite, marble, green, blue, gray and white. But vintage tiles are also popular.

Besides replacing, you can also paint

Now you don’t always have to replace tiles. If you do not feel like a complete renovation, you just want more color or a new style in your bathroom, you can also paint your tiles! There are special tile paints that resist scratches and are easy to clean.

This is how the bathroom or toilet area looks different in an instant, without taking a chunk out of your budget.

What else can you add color to

Of course, you can add color to the major items within your bathroom such as tiles, apply a color to a wall or bathroom furniture, but you can also choose colorful accessories. Think of a bohemian style bathroom where you can place some plants or choose color accents by buying your soap dish, soap pump, towels and washcloths in one color.

Choose colors

Inspiration for a bathroom can be gained by looking online at websites or, now that it is possible again, going to stores. Color in a bathroom gives extra atmosphere and coziness, which can contribute to a better mood. So definitely look at the colors in your home!

photo free image by cocoparisienne via Pixabay/ collaboration