Winter in Amsterdam- A beautiful photo book of a silent city

Winter in Amsterdam is a beautiful photo book by photographer Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflie r. In this book she shows winter in Amsterdam in over ninety black and white photos’s. Photo’s of a city at the time when the city is turned in by cold, fog, snow and ice. Amsterdam as you do not often see the city.

Winter in Amsterdam

The photo book ‘Winter in Amsterdam’ is a unique and long-term photo project spanning the years 1991-2021. Highlighting the harsh winter of 2021. The winter scenes captured with an analog Hasselblad camera give a surprising and new perspective on the cityscapes of Amsterdam that are so familiar to us.

Winter in Amsterdam is a photo book with beautiful images of a silent city.

The foreword

The book is introduced by the well-known novelist Oek de Jong. He places the photography of Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westerflier in the tradition of the painter and photographer George Hendrik Breitner, among others. In addition, he discusses her photography. Photography that occupies a striking and distinctive place in contemporary Dutch photography."The virtual absence of people and traffic gives Van Hövel's cityscapes an air of timelessness.

The houses with their history therefore start to speak to you more strongly. The quietness of the streets makes you see it more clearly, penetrates you more deeply: the individuality of each house, the many architectural styles, the details of the facades, the arches and curves of the bridges … Her photographs always have a contemplative slant …"

A photo book to leaf through

Winter in Amsterdam is a photo book with beautiful pictures’s. Photos that you understand were made. Photo’s we would all like to take, so as not to forget the images. The images of the cold in winter, the quiet in the streets and especially the empty streets.

This photo book by photographer Marie-Jeanne van Hövell tot Westelier is a copy to put down on the coffee table. It is a book to leaf through while you sit on the couch with a blanket. Nice and warm inside. Be surprised by the wonderful images, the beautiful photographs’s and the reality of a winter in Amsterdam.

A quiet time in a busy city.

photo book about Amsterdam

Snow under your feet

In 1984 I moved from Amsterdam to Hoorn, after which I returned to Amsterdam in 2003. When I think back to winters in Amsterdam in my youth, I think of skating on the canals and sledding from the hill behind our house in Amsterdam Osdorp. But also to photography. For I too enjoyed taking pictures’of the city of Amsterdam in winter. What struck me most then was the silence.

The silence when you walked through the snow early in the morning and heard only the sound of the snow under your feet. This was, of course, at a time when the youth were not yet outside throwing snowballs. The photographs I see in Winter in Amsterdam take me back to those days and make me long for another harsh winter.

All the information about this book:

This publication was made possible in part by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts.

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