Living trend winter 2021-2022 Warmth and security

What is the home trend of this winter? What colors will we see? I looked it up and what struck me was that in this winter's living trend you see that today's harsh social climate causes people to seek more safety and security at home.

This winter's living trends

After so many people have been working so much at home lately, you also notice that people tend to tackle their homes. Now not just an extra cushion on the couch or a new rug on the floor, but really want to do more to change the house, because they are perhaps a little tired of the furnishings.

Feeling warm

What I read everywhere when I look at this winter's home decoration trends is that people are looking for warmth. Warmth and security. Now that feeling of that fine coziness, that under a blanket by the fireplace with hot chocolate milk, watching your favorite Christmas movie, is of course always present in autumn and winter.

But maybe this year in particular we are also looking for more warmth and security as society around us becomes harsher. Because of Social Media you notice that opinions are more and more different from each other and people also say (or shout) everything. This is why we look for more togetherness at home.

Colors in the living room

Seeking warmth. And of course I don't mean a flight to a warm country, although that's not bad either, but looking for warmth by adding colors to your home, where pink and brown tones can provide that extra warm feeling. And besides a new color on the wall or new furniture, accessories in these shades can also give that warm feeling.

We've brightened up our sofa with new cushions and plaids for autumn. Not only does it look nice, it is also nice and warm.

Vintage influences

What you will also see this winter in the living trend is vintage. Perhaps it is precisely because people want to return to the old and familiar that they look for vintage furniture for the home. But again, an accessory from the old days can also do the trick. Think of those 70s orange tins from Brabantia.

Talking about retro.

What other trends do you see in the field of living?

  • A poster wall is very popular at the moment. I love it myself and like to rotate posters on the wall. This gives me a new look in the living room every time.
  • More wood in the house. Also here comes back that feeling of having more warmth in the house.
  • Flowers and plants. You see more and more people bringing more plants into their homes.
  • Choose a style in your home. Perhaps you have also seen the Xenox brochure the last few weeks. This one is about Living & atmosphere. And how to create different living styles in your home. This makes me very inspired (but also greedy). Because how nice it is to work with a certain style in your home? For example back to nature or Urban Jungle.

Make your house a home

Whatever your living style and whether you join the winter living trend or not, make your house your home. Maybe you are a bit fed up with your home after the past year. Have you been home so much that you want something different. This can be done with large purchases, but also with small adjustments.

Make sure you feel at home in your own house, the better you will feel too.