How to save money on Christmas shopping

Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, super cozy, but also pricey. For each holiday this month, you may want to put some goodies on the table, buy a small gift for everyone and, of course, a Christmas tree. It all costs money.

With the tips below, you can save money on the Christmas shopping.

Saving money on Christmas shopping

It may sound easy, saving money on Christmas shopping. Just don’t spend too much you might say, but it’s often not that easy. Whether you’re on a budget for the holidays or not, you often end up more expensive than you planned.

Life is already expensive enough

I think we have all noticed that life has become more expensive, groceries are more expensive, gasoline, energy prices are going up, but also subscriptions are doing a lot of the same. In order not to have a piece of the month left over at the end of your paycheck, it can certainly be skittish at times, budget-wise. Life is already expensive enough and yet you might want to go the extra mile for the holidays.

And you can, although you may have to pay extra attention, read brochures and look at the offers.

Make a shopping list

It sounds so simple, but it is. Make a shopping list and stick to it. By making a list, you know what you want to buy, you do not have to go into the store thinking about what to put in your shopping cart and by sticking to the list, you will not buy extra’s so that your Christmas shopping stays within your own set budget.

Start with your Christmas shopping

What you can get in the house now is a nice bonus. And it saves you lugging around the days before Christmas, but it can certainly also save on Christmas shopping. Plenty of merchandise is currently cheaper than it will be by the holidays.

Include this in your weekly shopping.

Go to different stores

Look through the flyers you get at home, check out the deals and pick your stores. It’s easier to do your Christmas shopping in one store, absolutely, but it can certainly save a lot in budget if you go to different stores.

Have everyone bring a course from dinner

In case we have visitors over Christmas you can agree that everyone will bring a course. That way you’re not in the kitchen all day and you save on groceries, too. Not only better for your budget, also relaxing, fun and tasty.

Gifts under the tree

If you celebrate Christmas at home with presents under the tree, you can be very extravagant, but even a little something for under the tree is quite a surprise. Think of a very personal ornament for your Christmas tree. You can buy these at HEMA, but also at find very personalized Christmas ornaments.

Make this a tradition and give a Christmas ball or ornament every year that might mark that year.

A few extra tips

How to save even more money during the holiday season, besides Christmas shopping:

  • Don’t leave Christmas decorations on when you’re not home or in bed.
  • Use led Christmas lights.
  • Make the Christmas decorations yourself, not only fun to do, you save in costs too
  • Christmas stamps are not as cheap as they used to be. When sending a card was fun. If you do want to send a Christmas message, think about sending one via e-mail. Not as personal, but budget-wise more pleasant for your wallet.

Celebrate the days your way

Of course we already see the beautiful Christmas commercials on TV and maybe you also have the urge to fill your Christmas table with food and your Christmas tree with gifts. But celebrate Christmas the way you want and can. Don’t be fooled by all the cheerful messages in the stores, stick to your budget and your list, and you will see that you will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s Eve without having to spend your entire budget immediately.