Winter date nights for at home- the cutest tips in a row

By now we are used to it, sitting at home. But maybe you crave a date night with your partner once in a while. What are fun winter date nights for home?

Now during the lockdown, but also for later when we can do more?

Lockdown and homeschooling

The lockdown has been going on for a while and let’s hope this will be the last time, because how restricted we all are in our empty space. How are you doing? And with you and your partner?

How are you all holding up?

Stand strong

Are you used to occasionally taking the kids to grandparents or arranging a babysitter for date nights with your partner? But how to do that? Have you both been working at home since last March?

What to do now that you can’t go out to a restaurant or the cinema together?

Fun winter date nights at home

We have to make it together. And it also means you can occasionally send the kids to bed on time and enjoy winter date nights together at home. Now because we’re in lockdown, but otherwise purely because we have less desire to go out into the cold in winter.

Tips for a date night at home:

Dress nicely

Whatever winter date nights you are going to have, dress nice. Instead of sitting in your sweatpants or old sweater, put on that cute dress and get ready. This date night you may not be able to get out the door, you can dress up nice for your partner.

Paint & Wine

Do you know Paint & Wine already? This has come over from America and is ideal for a fun date night. Having a nice wine and painting together right away. Get the painters easels ready, place a canvas on them and get started.

Show your creativity!

For fun ideas, check out my Pinterest Board: Creativity, crafts and DIY.

Have a movie night

No kids movies for a change, but pick a nice movie that will make you both happy. Pour some snacks and enjoy your date night together on the couch.

Cook together

Grab the recipe books from the cupboard, buy the ingredients and start cooking together, not only cozy, but then you’ll have some time to chat with each other and after cooking, eat deliciously together.

Home date nights

Occasionally feel like some fresh air? Why not go outside together. Just in the garden.Light a fire, add hot chocolate or gluhwein and enjoy being together.

Keep your attention together

You might benefit from these tips for a cozy winter date night and at least remember that you are together and should be able to spend time together every now and then.