Mermaid swimming: ultimate dream for girls

For a while now, I have been getting into mermaid swimming. Why? My youngest niece does it and her eyes totally light up when she talks about it. But what makes mermaid swimming so special and what does it involve?

In my blog I tell you all the ins and outs about mermaid swimming.

Ariel the little mermaid

Who doesn’t know her? Princess Ariel, the little mermaid. I’ve seen that movie so many times I can just relate to some parts of it. And then those songs.

Disney movies are made so that even today’s children love the story. Would this be their source of inspiration? Swim like the little mermaid?

Could be, but there are also a lot of mermaid movies on YouTube. Also H2O is a series about three girls who turn into a mermaid. And so there are many more series and movies to be found.

My mermaid tail is the prettiest

The great thing about mermaid swimming is the fact that you get to wear such an amazing tail. You can make it as crazy as you want. With all the colors of the rainbow, glitter, neon colors.

Anything goes. And then that fin. No stupid black flippers, but a beautiful fin. If only I had this when I was little. For sure I would have done this.

You can buy it yourself if you are sure your daughter will use it often. But I also know that pools often have one on loan. A mermaid tail costs about between €35 and €70 euros.

The girls I know who have one of their own really do think their own tail is the prettiest of all!

But what is mermaid swimming?

The hype has blown over from America. They want children to experience what it’s like to swim underwater like a mermaid. For swimming you need a tail that goes around your legs and a ‘monofin’: This is where your feet go in. Before you can join the swimming lessons you must have a B-diploma. It is therefore advisable to first take a few lessons to master the correct technique.

Fortunately, there are lots of swimming pools that offer it! But back to the explanation…In class they learn how to use your body to move forward. For example, what is the best way to use your tail and they teach you breathing exercises to stay underwater for a long time. The lessons I’ve seen look fun and playful.

You see the girls enjoying themselves and that’s what matters!

Real matches

During my search I stumbled upon a real mermaid swimming contest. How great is that? The girls, because yes, I only saw girls, could win prizes. The mermaid who could go through the water the fastest, the mermaid who was dressed the prettiest and the girl who went through the water the most gracefully.

Super fun! Those girls pulled out all the stops, because not only did they have a great tail: the rest of the body was all dressed up “dressed up”. Pretty hair, makeup and tops.

Great anyway?

Not only swimming lessons, but also parties

And as I delved further into it I also saw that whole mermaid parties are organized. Super fun for a party. And original! Does your daughter like mermaids and does she have her B-diploma??

Then I’d really check this out. I’m sure she’ll love it!!

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