Young Adult book review: Daughter of the Underworld

A thriller for Young Adults, that is ‘Daughter of the Underworld by Theo-Henk Streng for sure. After ‘Silence is better’ this is the second book the boys and I have read by Theo-Henk Streng. And just like this first book, ‘Daughter of the Underworld’ is a Young Adult book, Which mothers also find exciting.

Daughter of the Underworld

What is the Young adult book Daughter of the Underworld about:

Nikki Verdonk knows that the stories about her father are true. He is a major drug criminal and managed to escape a hefty prison sentence in the nick of time.

Although everyone has an opinion about her and her father, Nikki tries to live her life as normally as possible. She's doing fine, until one day the worst happens. Her father is liquidated.

After his death, a cesspool opens. Her father turned out to have more enemies than friends and now everyone is preying on his place in the underworld. This makes everyone suspicious as a possible killer.

Even people who were close to him. Very close.

As Nikki tries to get her life back on track, the questions won't let her go. Who killed her father? And why?

A gripping and exciting book

As I am used to from Theo-Henk Streng is also ‘Daughter of the Underworld’ another incredibly exciting and gripping book. It's fun for Young adults, but I too enjoyed the story. Once again Theo-Henk knows how to build the suspense in every chapter. Downside, you can't stop reading.

The chapters almost all end with a small cliffhanger, making you want to read on again and again.

The Rotterdam underworld

The story takes place in Rotterdam and starts when Nikki hears that her father has died. That he had to deal with the underworld, drugs and guns she knew, but why did he have to die? It is beautiful to read how protagonist Nikki discovers more and more about her father, her mother but also the people around them.

The friendship she makes with Jim is one you expect and hope for from the first moment, but is Jim really who he says he is? Because of Nikki's rebelliousness, this is really a book Young adults will enjoy reading and what appeals to them. Nikki's behavior and her use of language youngsters will appreciate.

It's a suspenseful book that grabs you more and more with each page that follows.

Author: Theo-Henk Streng
Cover credits: Ralph Bunschoten

Young Adult book

The boys have to read a lot of books for school. This for the book list and for book presentations. They do not always like this.

Still, enthusiasm rises when they have a fun and exciting book. After Silence is Better by Theo-Henk Streng, they can now read this Young Adult book for their book list.

Who is Theo-Henk Streng

Theo-Henk Streng (b. 1986) made his debut in 2007 with "The Inheritance," published by Holland Publishers. A year later 'Broken Out' followed and over the years various publishers have published books about children in problem situations (such as street children, child soldiers) and books featuring the duo Uncle Frans and Nick. Like the earlier books, Daughter of the Underworld is highly recommended.