Moving to a new home without stress

Do you have plans to move, are you looking at houses or will you be moving in the new school year?? Are you moving in together, from a rented to a bought house or have you changed your lifestyle? new home Already found? Moving gives a lot of stress, but that is not necessary at all.

How, you can read here.

Moving without stress

When you move house you want to be in control and you can do that because moving is something you can do very well yourself. Now, there are a few things to consider and what is very important is good preparation. But how do you plan a move?

Because whether you’re moving into a student flat, moving in together in your first rental or moving into an owner-occupied property, a checklist of handy tips is always easy to help you move into your new home as quickly and stress-free as possible.

A checklist for when you move

Moving is fun, especially when you have found your dream house, but why do so many people always say after a move ‘never do this again.’ Often because people do not assess moving properly. Just think about how much has to be done before you can move into your new home. Now of course there is a big difference if you move from home to a student flat.

For this you will have less stress than when you buy your own home. There is so much more to it than just buying the house. But it also makes a difference whether you move into a house that is ‘finished’ or when a major renovation has to take place first.

No move is comparable, but moving into a new house can be done without too much stress, that’s for sure, but do use a checklist!

What is involved in a new home

Because moving now requires a lot of you, it requires time, flexibility and organizational talent. Just think of rent allowance when you are going to rent, a mortgage application, notary fees etc when you buy a house, but also address changes, arrange a parking space when you go to live in the city, gas-light and water stop in the old house and start again in the new house. The search for another family doctor, dentist, etc.

A new home sounds so much fun, but make sure you’re well prepared to make the move as stress-free as possible too. So that when you are in your new home, you are immediately happy and satisfied.

Do renovations need to take place

A checklist can help you keep order, nothing better than crossing out tasks. Include a schedule in your checklist. Currently there is a lot of moving going on and you see new kitchens and bathrooms in many places.

Have you found your dream house and does this new home need a new bathroom, toilet, kitchen or some other renovation. Then remember that there can be a waiting period of professionals. Find out first what the options are and otherwise decide to live with the old kitchen or bathroom temporarily, before a new one can be installed here.

This choice is of course entirely up to you, but if you want to wait to move into your new house until it is completely finished, you will have to pay a double mortgage or rent.

Good preparation is essential

A moving checklist will help you prepare well. Thus, by having a list of all that needs to be done, you avoid surprises at the last minute. On the website of verhuizenkunjezelf you will find all the necessary information needed for a successful move.

Use their overview and checklist and find out how to move efficiently and with as little stress as possible.

Working with a checklist

Move stress-free and start fresh in your new home right away, print out the checklist. Cross off what you have done and keep an overview of what still needs to be done and in this way ensure that the move is fun and you look back on a stress-free period later on. Lots of living pleasure!