To school again! The flag is out! Or not?

Yesterday I hung out the flag at home. For the middle region the summer vacation ended yesterday and schools started again. That meant my little man could go back to school too.

We spent six weeks entertaining each other and having a great time but secretly it was also nice that he went to school again. Still?

Such’a summer vacation is quite long

Over six weeks ago, summer vacation began. The little man had just gone to school for a month and he was already getting his vacation. Too bad because he was finally getting used to it. The first week of the summer vacation we went away for a midweek but after that we had a few weeks of staycation in the garden.

Also nice but I soon noticed that he really missed some challenge and distraction. I was looking forward to the last day of summer vacation and the first day of school with great anticipation. In my diary I already drew a little flag.

The peace and quiet would return and the little man would be challenged again at school.

Nothing less

Yesterday was the day. I would hang out the flag and happily take my oldest to school. Err yes.. The idea was nice but the execution was a bit less. Mister didn't like going back to school at all.

Mama got jitters in her tummy and little man only got half a sandwich down from nerves. Oh, ohw, child how much you look like your mother. In good spirits I brought him to school anyway. Some tears from the little big man and then he walked boldly into the classroom.

Looking for his new place. Soon he saw that he could sit next to a dear friend so that took his nerves a bit away. We waved to each other and I went home again.

Working hard and doing a lot

At least, that was the intention. I had resolved to do some blogging and sewing. During the summer vacations I hardly got around to it so now it had to happen again.

I finally had time again. After the sandwich and a few errands, however, motivation was hard to find. I had the time but walked with my soul under my arm. My little man is back at school, I have time and attention for the little girl. I can go back to blogging and crafting.

But what do I do? I am sitting on the couch with a tea worrying whether the little man is enjoying school. Sigh.. am I really a hopeless mother who can’t live without her children? 😉

Tomorrow is another day, slowly we all get used to the school routine again. Still?

Do you also have to get used to the school routine? Or did you really fly the flag?

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