Yoshi’s Crafted World- Nintendo Switch- Review

Go on an adventure with the Yoshi’s in a handmade craft world full of secrets. The game for the Nintendo Switch, Yoshi’s Crafted World is sweet and fun and something different for a change. Everyone could use a little Yoshi in their life!

You too?

Foundation Opkikker

Years ago the boys had a Super Opkikker day from Stichting Opkikker. Here they got to rescue stuffed animals from trees and buildings in firefighter clothes with real firemen. They then came back with two soft toys which they told me were Yoshi and Toad. Still these stuffed animals are in bed with them.

Perhaps this has always been a bit of the reason why they now love the games of Super Mario and his friends so much.

Nintendo Switch

For it is clear that they are happy with the Nintendo Switch and the many games we have in the meantime. ’In the evening at five o’clock, they are always allowed a moment on the Nintendo Switch, they decide together what game they want to play and really sit down for it. Now they got to review Yoshi’s Crafted World, but what is this game really about?

The Game

How does the game of Yoshi’s Crafted World: ‘It became a push and pull until the Dream Sun shattered into pieces and the magical Dream Rays flew in all directions! There is no time to lose now, so the Yoshi’s set out to find the missing Dream Sun and repair it before Baby Bowser and Kamek get their hands on it. Repair the Dream Sun and restore peace to the Yoshi’s island in Yoshi’s Crafted World.

Go on an adventure with the Yoshi’s in a handmade crafting world full of secrets to discover in Yoshi’s Crafted World and play the levels.

On the flip side of each level, you can look for Poochy puppies! If you manage to find them fast enough, you’ll be rewarded with happy flowers. Three such rascals run around in each level. Travel across exotic islands and have the most exciting adventures in levels made from cardboard, paper and all kinds of household items. Collect happy flowers along the way to gain access to new areas!

Sling eggs towards enemies, discover countless secrets and try to reach the end of the front. Then you can look at each level on the flip side from a whole new perspective and look for the Poochy puppies. They hide in the most unexpected places!’

Yoshi’s Crafted World

What do the boys think of the game now that they have had the opportunity to play it? Well that is immediately clear, Yoshi’s Crafted World is a success. Yoshi’s Crafted World is a very sweet game, this is because of the yoshi’s who are super cute, but also because of the background of the game. A handmade craft world, full of flowers and beautiful cheerful colors.

In Yoshi’s Crafted Word, it’s all about finding stones. In which the Yoshi’s can run, jump and even sit on each other’s backs to propel themselves forward. The setting very nicely made, it really is like walking around in a crafting world.

For example, at one point there is a crocodile, or locomotive in the shape of a crocodile. This one is so made, just as you and I would craft it with cardboard.

The game can be played in the easy or classic version and can be played with one or two players. The game alternates between levels and games, with the games being well explained first. If you win the games, you will receive prizes that you can use to advance in the game.

This game is a great success

According to the youngest, this is his ‘favorite game’. The boys are very excited about the poochy puppies, the games they play and the tasks they make. They can choose from different colors of Yoshi’s, this always does well at this age because both have their own favorite color. I also find it funny that at this age they can be totally excited about Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Where familiar Super Mario characters battle with each other, but just as much can enjoy Yoshi’s Crafted World with its happy sounds, flowers, colors and crafting background.



Win a crafting package

The whole Yoshi’s Crafted World adventure began with a crafting pack we were privileged to receive. This package consisted of craft supplies to make a Yoshi viewing box. Your children can also win a large craft package. They have to be quick because this competition is open until April 19.

What they have to do? By April 19, post a photo on Instagram of a Yoshi’s Crafted World peekaboo with the hashtags #Yoshi peekaboo and #YoshiCraftedWorld


Do you have a fixed time when the children are allowed on the nintendo/wii/tablet??