Special offer eco-friendly diapers from Abena

A few weeks ago I was asked to test eco-friendly diapers. I didn't have to think about that for long. For over four years now, we've had truckloads of diapers going through here and that's quite a spicy burden on the environment.

Washable diapers are not for me so the Abena diapers came in handy.

Testing eco-friendly diapers

Almost five years ago we bought the first packs of diapers. Diapers of the well-known brand filled the drawers of the dresser. A dresser waiting for the arrival of our first child.

Since then countless diapers have passed this house. First only for the oldest, later also for our youngest.

Our toddler is now, fortunately, long out of diapers but our youngest will be wearing them for a while yet. When I look back I really don't want to know what the burden on the environment and the earth has been of the diapers that went through here.

To alleviate some of the suffering, I was allowed to test a pack of eco-friendly diapers from Abena. Of course we did not say no to that. Meanwhile we are almost through the pack one and I can tell you that we are very excited.

Bambo Nature

Abena has a webshop with various healthcare products including the eco-friendly diapers from Bambo Nature.

Abena disposable diapers contain no harmful substances such as PVC, lotions or whitening agents. That makes our eco diaper not only environmentally friendly, but also good for your child's delicate skin. Abena's eco-friendly baby diapers proudly carry the Nordic Ecolabel and FSC Label.

After receiving the diapers we tested them immediately. In terms of fit they are just as snug as the well known brands we already owned. The diaper did feel thinner and so I was very curious to see if they would last through an entire night. Our little girl drinks quite a lot and has a full diaper in the morning. There is nothing more annoying than a diaper that cannot handle this amount.

So you can change the whole bed and the little one has diaper rash. Fortunately, the Bambo Nature diaper is not inferior to its peers. This diaper kept the little lady's bottom dry and she had no diaper rash at all.

That was the biggest plus for me!

Win 5x 2 packs of Bambo Nature diapers

Since we are so excited we can now make 5 people very happy with 2 packs of diapers in a size of your choice. (From premature to 30 kilos)

Win; eco-friendly diapers from Abena

What to do?

  • Like Fulltime Mama.En on Facebook (important because this is where the winner is announced)
  • Let us know in which size you would like the diaper packs in a comment.

The win action runs until Monday, February 27. The winners will be announced on Facebook. Claim your prize within 48 hours, otherwise I unfortunately have to draw another winner.

Good luck!

What size would you like to win two packs of Bambo Nature diapers in??


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