Competition a beastly cute tablet sleeve from Tabzoo!

Last week a package arrived that made my little dino fan's heart beat faster. I had just opened the package or the gentleman snatched it out of my hands and danced around the room. From Kidsaccessoires.We received a beastly fun tablet case in the shape of a T-rex.


Through a press release I discovered the webshop where you can find the coolest tablet and phone accessories for kids. From fine headphones to cool phone cases and from brightly colored charging cables to beastly cute tablet cases. You can find it all there.

Are you a Disney fan then they have a full category for that, does your child idolize the Minions? Even then you can find the coolest accessories. Or do you secretly have a husband who gets lyrical when he sees Star Wars?

You can also find tablet covers and phone accessories here. In short, for a great accessory you have to go to Kidsaccessoires.are.

A cool tablet cover from Tabzoo

My little man received a real T-rex cover from Tabzoo. A cool looking tablet case for the Ipad mini with an extra pocket on the front for your earplugs for example. When you open the zipper and put your tablet inside it is super protected. However, if you want to watch a movie you can open the mouth of the cover and put your tablet in it.

The teeth keep the tablet well in place and the sturdy case remains perfect.

If you don’t have a dino fan in the house or want a sleeve for a bigger tablet than the Ipad Mini, there is plenty of choice. Choose, for example, a lion, a dog, a monkey or a cute panda. We are sold and secretly I still want to’n beastly cute tablet case for the Ipad 2 here at home.

Competition; a beastly cute tablet sleeve from tabzoo 3

Win action! Win a Panda tablet case from Tabzoo

From Kidsacccessories.I may give away an awesome tablet sleeve from Tabzoo in the shape of a panda. The panda sleeve is available in large size (suitable for large tablets up to 265mm high and up to 190mm wide) or small size (suitable for small tablets up to 210mm high and up to 140mm wide.)

Special offer; a beastly cute tablet sleeve from tabzoo 3

What you have to do?

  • Enter below who you would like to win the panda cover for and in what size. (big or small)

The win action runs through Saturday, July 9, 23.00hour. On Sunday July 10 the winner will be announced on facebook. So it is handy if you Bblog.Like on facebook.


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