Pool toys and rubber rings – fun and safety in the pool

Whether we will spend this summer at home or abroad is still a mystery, but we can always swim. And that includes swimming tires and pool toys at. Fun and safety go hand in hand, but where to find unique swim bands and fun toys?

Swimming should be possible

If it’s going to be a nice warm summer like last year, it’s nice to be able to go to a pool, lake or the sea. Or how about a pool in the garden. If you want to float, enjoy yourself undisturbed, swim safely and have fun, you need pool toys, as well as swimming bands for the kids.

Because safety above all.

The best inflatable children’s swimming bands

Now pool toys are super fun, but these combined with safety is totally nice. Because children between the ages of three and six are more than happy to wear swimming trunks and floats, but only children’s swimming pools with a unique design and a fun print. What’s even more fun is that you can match the design of the children’s swimming band with a swimming band for yourself or how about a drinking cup holder in the same design!

Super cool right!

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Baby floats are ideal for little ones

Baby floats are ideal for toddlers. I always really enjoyed using these. For babies’s first experience with water fun is so important and good for later. To keep it that way, it is of course important to do so in a safe and fun way.

With a baby float you know your child is safe and nothing can happen to him or her.

Bath toys for every age.

Whether you go for a Unicorn pool band, a seashell or flamingo. Air mattresses and floats are fun for any age. I can’t wait to float in the puddles with my pink shell, enjoying the sunshine.

The pink color of the airbed in combination with the sunlight make for a dazzling look on the beach or in the water and it has a huge lying surface, so I can fully enjoy the wonderful summer weather. The water air mattress is suitable for ages 6 and up, so my kids will also be in the water with this often.

A cup holder for everyone

But having your own cup holder is also ideal. Super cool for a garden party or pool party! But also great for when you are relaxing in your own garden pool in a bikini or swimming trunks!.

The pool drink holder is suitable for both glasses and bottles of drinks and ensures that your drink stands firmly. The pool drink holder contains a hole in the middle that molds to your glass or bottle. This puts your drink firmly without falling over.

And this drink holder is again super fun to combine with the other pool toys!