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You must have seen it coming. The election toy of the year. This year more than 9.000 voters the surprising winners in different categories!

Yesterday the winners were announced. And we were there.

Election of Toy of the Year

Yesterday afternoon the winners of the Toy of the Year contest were announced. In September we were present at the influencer day Toy of the year election. We then got to review some board games.

Games like Menara and Escape Room The Game: Jumanji, which were also nominated for Toy of the Year.


The pageant has been widely advertised and I participated in this as well. And I think partly due to the great attention to this, that this time a lot of people voted. In fact, there were more than 9.000 voters who had submitted their votes online.

Chazia Mourali announced in a room at the Nemo Science Museum in Amsterdam the winners of the Election Toy of the Year. But before this started, we got to visit the museum first.

Before the winners were announced

In the Nemo Science Museum we did experiments, watched a chain reaction and touched a meteorite. After this the boys got to play with all the nominated toys. Everything was on display and Lego and Playmobil, was a favorite with the boys.

The oldest was also interviewed asking what he thought were the best toys now.

Winners Winners

Sound and toys

Meanwhile, we were in the audience where Chazia Mourali spoke with Ger Ramakers (Child and Youth Psychologist) about sound in toys. After all, sound can make play more exciting, it helps with "cause and effect" discovery and cheerful songs and tunes contribute to a pleasant feeling while playing. Ger Ramakers' conclusion was: the use of sounds and speech in toys can promote many aspects of children's development.

Most important remains that sound increases the enjoyment of play. And noise was also made by the children when they joined us at the announcement of the winners.