How to stay healthy in the summer

It is quite difficult to get into the summer and summer vacation healthy keep eating and living. You’ll have a barbecue, drink a little more alcohol, and healthy cooking at the campsite is also pretty tough. Reasons that may cause you to be less healthy than usual.

But how to stay healthy?

Healthy in summer

Now I read plenty of posts from people who suffer from corona kilos’s and weird this is not, it is a strange and uncertain time, in which we are alone at home. There is a chance that you will eat something unhealthy, exercise less or drink more. I myself did well in terms of food and exercise this period, but alcoholic beverages were on the table more often here.

The first time was tough

From just working at home, the four of us spent weeks at home. But even now, now that the boys are back in school, my husband and I both work at home. Especially the first weeks I was off in the evening.

You could sweep me up. Devastated by the hustle and bustle around me, helping with homeschooling and also just the anxiety and tension that the whole period entailed.

Consume more alcohol

Especially the first weeks we often had a drink in the evening as soon as the boys went to bed, although at one point we said, we have to stop this because it can last for months. At some point the alcohol became tea or a refreshing mocktail.

But then summer came

And now it’s summer and whatever this year will bring, we’ll spend a lot of time in the backyard. When the weather is nice, like to have a barbecue and a summer drink. And that’s not bad at all, after all, the vacations are coming too.

Shall we spend this one camping? If so, I will have to put my low-carb lifestyle aside for a while, because eating and cooking in front of the tent is a little different than at home.

How to have a healthy summer?

Despite barbecuing more, drinking more and eating and drinking differently at a campsite, we can of course spend the summer making sure we stay healthy. How?

Drink plenty of water

It’s a punchline I know, but so important. Drink plenty of water. Always take a drinking bottle with you or leave it at home.

Provide a drinking bottle that does not leak and in which the water stays cold. And are you tired of water, look for a variation of water with fruit

Eat lots of salads

A barbecue is of course delicious, but be careful with all the baguettes, sauces and meat. Put some vegetables on the barbecue and make a nice salad with it. Not only refreshing, also super healthy.

Exercise on vacation

Whether we go on vacation or not, exercise is always possible, but what can you do??

Swimming is good for you

Swimming is fun, tasty and good for you. Not only swimming lanes is healthy, but romping around in the water with the kids also gets you in shape and tired of all that swimming, rest on your air mattress and enjoy the nice weather. And no lake, puddles or pool nearby, maybe it’s time for a pool for the garden?

Hiking in the vacations

Normally we would go hiking in the mountains, but if that doesn’t work out this year there is plenty of walking to do in the Netherlands, and hiking is also very healthy for you!. And no idea where to go? At All kind of things on her blog you’ll find 7 hiking areas in Haarlem.

You might find something in here!

Go cycling in your own country

Biking is also such a nice activity. Biking can be done in the neighborhood, but you can also take your bike and go somewhere else in the Netherlands. Look for a suitable bike carrier and go cycling somewhere else for a change.

Playing with the kids

Playing volleyball, soccer, tennis or whatever, playing together with the kids is healthy for you and them. Be challenged, invent games and exercise!

Play, swim, keep moving

Don’t go in the full sun

When you think of health you also think of not spending too long in the sun. This is nothing new of course, but think about your skin. Stay well protected under an umbrella between 12 and 2 and make sure you use good protection.

This is sunscreen, as well as a sun hat and sunglasses.

These tips will help you?

Staying healthy in summer is not difficult at all, you just have to do it often. Pay extra attention to your food, eat more salads next to the barbecue and drink more alcohol? Make sure you have a few alcohol-free days.

It is certainly not difficult and if you stay healthy you will find that you feel much better!